HR Solutions for Today’s Business Environments


Effectively managing people, processes, and a changing regulatory climate can be complex and confusing. That’s why, for over 20 years, businesses turn to HR Alternatives for trusted human resources expertise and proven solutions. To provide a better understanding of the scope of our services, and what HR Alternatives can do for your company, below is a list of some of our most frequently asked questions:


Why should our company outsource any of our current human resources functions or projects?


Outsourcing any of your human resource functions or projects allows you to gain access to immediate resources and experience that are not currently within your organization. This allows you to develop effective HR functions for your company, without having to increase your HR staff or incur greater expenses.


Would HR Alternatives be actually replacing my current HR staff or management?


We are here to supplement and support a company’s current HR resources and assist them within their Human Resource functions based specifically on their needs. We also help reduce costs by assisting organizations who may have limited resources.


Is HR Alternatives an interim staffing (temporary) agency and/or a payroll company?


We do not place temporary employees or handle company payroll. Our role and objective is not transactional; rather we assist companies in handling complex challenges that arise when managing their workforce and we recommend effective HR solutions.


You have so many different types of services. Can you really be experienced and knowledgeable in so many areas of Human Resources?


Our highly experienced and educated teams of consultants have a combined level of experience of almost 200 years, equipping HR Alternatives to guide our clients in all areas of human resources.


What size companies do you typical work with and is a company ever too small or too large for you to support?


Our clients range from small start-up organization to Fortune 500 companies. The majority of our clients has fewer than 500 employees and many have less than 100 employees. Whatever the size of the organization, HR Alternatives has the expertise and the right team to support their unique needs and challenges.


What differentiates HR Alternatives from other HR companies?


At HR Alternatives, our clients are assigned an experienced HR Advisor and would never receive an 800 number, or a password to a self-service center. One of our core values is “people doing business with people.” Our focus is solely human resources and our clients have direct access to experienced HR professionals who help them troubleshoot issues and create effective solutions for their unique workplace challenges.


To do business with HR Alternatives is there a long term contract required?


No long term contracts are required with HR Alternatives, yet the majority of our clients stay with us for many years. HR Alternatives’ average retention rate is 98%, for companies who remain with us for more than 1 year.