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When it comes to Employee Relations, why is it that most employers acknowledge people to be their greatest asset, but find it so difficult to prioritize this key resource that critically impact company performance? Building a work environment that is recognized as a "great place to work” is not easy or quick and it requires guidance from experienced HR professionals. But it is well worth the undertaking, since it creates a positive workplace that in turn creates a successful workforce.

At HR Alternatives we create high-performing work environments built on trust, productivity, ownership, and accountability that is proven to lead to greater organizational success. With a balanced approach on Organization Culture and Compliance, our Employee Relations Services ensure your company will be equipped to effectively navigate Federal and State regulatory compliance. Which, at the same time, create an environment that’s highly-productive and well-aligned with your company culture.

Managing a workforce is very complex and ignorance of the Laws is not a defense. Many regulations that govern your workplace must be thoroughly understood to minimize exposure and limit a company’s risk. Just as important is interpreting and correctly applying HR policies and practices. HR Alternatives ensures your company will be in compliance, helping eliminate costly fines, claims, and/or legal complications.

Our Employee Relations services include:

  1. Organization Assessments
  2. Policy Development
  3. Management/Leadership Development
  4. Regulatory Compliance
  5. Human Resource Operations Audit
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