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As the world’s business community grows smaller and smaller through a globalized economy, identifying and securing premiere talent is critical to achieving a clear competitive advantage.

Studies show the real cost of replacing departing employees can be the equivalent of six months to one year of their salaries. Hiring top talent requires a tremendous amount of time and takes focus away from core business priorities.

Some of the time-consuming recruitment activities that must be handled:

  • Sourcing for candidates
  • Screening for highly qualified candidates
  • Sorting through hundreds of on-line and paper resumes
  • Conducting initial and subsequent interviews

HR Alternatives reduces this disruptive process and time-consuming burden, so you end up with only the best candidates – those who have been professionally screened and interviewed to match your specifications and company culture.

Some of the many benefits of using our Recruitment Process are:

  • Our fee structure is typically 50% less than traditional recruitment fees
  • Candidates sourced and selected are exclusive to your search
  • Reduced managerial burdens and valuable time savings
  • Assessment to ensure job suitability
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