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Many unnecessary business headaches and legal battles can be easily avoided, when companies seek the right guidance and support to develop effective employee handbooks. If your company doesn’t clearly define your HR policies, others will define them for you, leaving your organization vulnerable to potential legal challenges.

HR Alternatives’ successful 20-year track record includes developing highly effective handbooks specifically tailored to our clients needs, since we have learned over the years no one solution fits all. Handbooks must be designed with consideration of a company’s unique culture, provide employees clear expectations and direction, and outline key policies and procedures…all of which helps reduce employee confusion and company liability.

HR Alternatives develops practices for your workplace that enhance employee satisfaction and company performance, limit legal exposure, and ensure regulatory compliance. Part of our process is asking key questions such as these:

  • Are you really an “at-will” employer?
  • Are your assets and proprietary information protected?
  • Are you providing leave time as required by State or Federal regulations?
  • Are you properly disclosing necessary information to employees?

When our team develops employee handbooks, our experience in many HR disciplines, makes a world of difference and helps companies:

  • Ensure both Federal and State compliance
  • Create relevant policies for your business
  • Set clear rules for your workplace
  • Providing the required disclosures for your employees
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