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The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs requires government contractors to annually prepare and maintain an Affirmative Action Plan. If your organization is a government contractor or subcontractor with 50 employees or greater, and receives over $50,000 in annual contract funding, then your company needs HR Alternatives’ AAP Comply services.

Common questions regarding Affirmative Action Plans include:

  • What does an effective Affirmative Action Plan actually contain?
  • Is our organization maintaining the proper records?
  • How should we track applicants for the required analysis?
  • What are the actual training requirements?
  • How should we respond to a Department of Labor audit?

HR Alternatives established AAP Comply for the sole purpose of helping our clients develop effective Affirmative Action Plans. Our consultants have extensive hands-on experience, with over 100 Department of Labor Audits nationwide. This wealth of experience provides our AAP Analyst the capability to prepare comprehensive plans, based on the organization’s data, and with as little exposure as possible. Additionally, our service includes consulting support throughout the plan year.

Key elements of our process include:

  • Auditing your company data
  • Preparing the Affirmative Action Plan
  • Providing implementation guidance
  • Providing ongoing support during the plan year
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